Applications where the properties of Specialty Fats can be used include:

Chocolate and Choc Confectionery Fats

  • Cocoa Butter Substitutes (CBS) Non Lauric for Compound Coatings, spreads and fillings
  • Cocoa Butter Replacers (CBR) Lauric for Compound Coatings, spreads and fillings
  • Cocoa Butter Equilivent (CBE) for Chocolate and Super Compounds

Bakery Fats

  • Dough Fats
  • Milk Fat replacers and Confectionery Fats (see other sections)

Milk Fat Replacers

  • Ice Cream fats
  • Toffee and other sugar confectionery Fats
  • Imitation Cheese
  • Base ingredient for non dairy whitener
  • Fats for Margarines

Other Fats

  • Food Service Frying fats
  • Trans Free Fats
  • Candle Fats (palm wax series)

Natural & Chemical Free Tocotrienols

An off shoot of the Speciality Fat Range is our Tocotrienol range of products in various liquid and powder forms.
They are RSPO Certified.

Please contact Provyda for your specific requirements.


Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil are among the most versatile oils and about 85% of the global palm comes from Indonesia and Malaysia.Provyda markets a range of Speciality Fats and Oils and Natural & Chemical-free Tocotrienols, sourced and refined in South East Asia by our supplier who is vertically integrated to their own plantations. They were the first Indonesian company to receive the RSPO Sustainability Palm Oil Certificate and awarded a special Gold Award by the Indonesian Government.  Provyda is RSPO Accredited Mass Balanced.

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