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Specialised Fish Derived Gelatine

Provyda markets specialised Gelatines direct from Italy derived from Fish and Bovine sources for top quality culinary, pharmaceutical and non food applications, from.

Applications where Gelatines unique functional properties may be used include:

  • Pharmaceutical: Hard and Soft capsules, Tablets and Micro-encapsulation
  • Food and Nutraceutical: Food Supplements, Energy Drink and Bars, Candies, Desserts and Cakes, Ice cream, small goods and jellied meats, pet food and for beverage clarification

Grades Available:

The grade (bloom and purity available) will be specific to the application.Thus please contact Provyda to discuss.


An off shoot of the Speciality Fat Range is our Tocotrienol range of products in various liquid and powder forms.

They are RSPO Certified.

Please contact Provyda for your specific requirements.

Special Nutrient Ingredients