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Cocoa Powders (Applications include: Chocolate Confectionery, Baking, Dairy and Beverages)

  • Natural
  • Alkalised
  • Speciality range:

           - new age roasting

           - selective origin

  • Cocoa Extenders and Boosters

Cocoa Butter (Applications include: Chocolate Confectionery, Baking, Cosmetics)

  • Deodorised
  • Deodorised and Bleached

Cocoa Liquor ( Applications include: Chocolate Confectionery, Baking, Cosmetics)

  • Natural
  • Alkalised

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Provyda markets an array of cost effective and high quality COCOA products. Our exclusive supply source has an extensive accreditation profile including UTZ Certified and is at the forefront in their own major sustainability programmes throughout the main cocoa regions in Asia; and has the capability to global source their beans if required. Provyda is highly supportive of their suppliers COCOA Care Programme working in the areas of sustainable activities to assist local farmers and the local Agrifood service sectors. Provyda is UTZ Mass Balance Accredited.