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Clean and Green - the simplicity of food

by Alexander McDonald

29 November 2016

In today’s world, it appears everything is becoming too complex and complicated be it technology, politics, economics and social issues. Every day, we read about new technologies that have been developed, new celebrity diets that are being followed, and new laws being made to control how individuals and companies go about business. We are constantly reminded by political figures, technologists and the like that we must innovate and improve on what we have. And that even extends to food (and its production).

Food by its very nature is consumed to support growth and maintain life. Over the course of human history, our diets have shifted from one high in raw, pure ingredients to one where fast and processed foods play a significant part (particularly in the Western world). Interestingly, many countries such as Australia are experiencing unprecedented rates of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. You can’t help but question how big of an impact our diets are having on these rates.

Society, in particular the media, tend to overcomplicate eating by bombarding us with information and focusing on how many calories and carbohydrates we should all be consuming, promoting low-fat and sugar-free products, and whether we should eat a certain food or not. However, eating well should not be complicated – it should be very simple.

Our mind and body are directly affected by our daily and cumulative food choices.  Eating food that is closest to its natural state with the least amount of processing provides the best opportunity for optimum health and vitality. We have all seen the Healthy Eating Pyramid, a simple visual guide to the types and proportion of foods that we should eat every day for good health (see right). 

In theory, it seems relatively easy to meet this guide. In practice, however, trying to make sense of what we should or shouldn't be eating appears to still be difficult and many of us are unsure about how to choose the right foods in the right amounts to have a healthy diet.

In my view, it all comes back to simplicity. We are seeing a trend in the food industry where many consumers want to get back to basics, eating simple (yet flavourful), clean, green nutritious foods. They are more interested than ever in knowing where their food comes from, what ingredients are used and what health benefits they offer. At Provyda, we understand that many consumers want food ingredients and products that are more natural and contain fewer mystery components such as artificial flavours and colours. As a specialist ingredient supplier, we can source specific ingredients to meet your requirements whether its natural colours and flavours, freeze dried vegetables, herbs and fruits, or oleoresins and essential oils. All our ingredients are carefully selected to meet the quality benchmarks, the necessary accreditations and the best value for money proposition for the Australian market.

Alexander McDonald is a Professional Services Manager at Provyda. He was previously a practising corporate lawyer at a number of high profile law firms in Sydney. He completed a double degree at university in both environmental science and law, and has always had a strong interest in the food industry.