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Alternative Sweetners

Provyda markets a range of Stevia & Stevioside Sweeteners with varying strengths and sweetness profiles.

Steviosides are a new type of Natural Sweetener extract from the plant Stevia.
They have a taste profile similar to cane sugar but with 300-450 times the sweetening strength of sucrose. The sweeter is approved for food use in Australia and New Zealand

Applications where Steviosides unique sweetening properties can be applied include:

Beverages (including carbonated and alcoholic), Frozen Foods, Canned Foods, Sauces, Pickles and Condiments, Bakes Goods and Pastries, Processed Meats, Confectionery, Pharmaceutical

Grades Include:

  • RA 98 %
  • Stevia Blends to replicate the sweetening concentration levels of Sucrose.

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